The Blog is Alive (also, tags explained)

Phew, so a couple of hours later, and most of the content and links that I wanted to dump across from other places is in there now. I still have to import my car work blog, which will take a while. It’s a shame that Blogspot doesn’t take phpBB code, but that’d be unrealistic to expect such a thing. From here on I will be trying to provide as much input and thought on everything as possible. I will also be writing up some tutorials in the near future and tag them with the #tutorial tag.

On the topic of tags, for those that don’t already know, each post can have anywhere from none to infinite number of tags. These tags act as labels to describe and categorise the content within. In my case, I have tags such as #racing for racing-related media, #thoughts for any original content I write, #tech for technology news and information, and so on. A very useful way of filing things away. Google services tend to use tags extensively, and I can see why. You can jump quickly between tags on the right hand navigation pane, which will bring up all posts with those tags in chronological order (by the way, the more common tags will enlarge in size).

There’s something about having your own spot on the internet, that is unique to yourself, that doesn’t share your personal information without your permission willy-nilly, and is free for you to shape as you see fit, that really appeals to me. I once again hope that you enjoy your stay, please subscribe, I will update as often as I can with new content. As you have probably gathered, this will mostly be my thoughts, car related, tech related, or random videos or pictures of interest from across the web.


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