Hello and Welcome.

After much ado, I’ve decided to start a blog. Welcome to the 90s, I know, but it had to be done eventually. I will be using this blog in equal parts as a repository for interesting links and information that I run across, as well as a journal for the random ramblings and thoughts that may eventuate. Better to have some record than none, and it sure seems neater than trying to maintain a whole bunch of micro-blogs on specialised topics. I won’t bore you with details of myself as I’m sure you will gather a sufficient picture as time goes on.

Anyway, I truly hope that you enjoy some part of this, whether small or large, even if it just makes you smile for one moment or informs you on a topic that you never knew you needed. Any type of feedback and/or discussion is welcomed, this is for the enjoyment of others, myself and the scribe within. One of the many pitfalls I’ve noticed people fall into is starting something like this and then eventually losing interest, with updates trickling off. By keeping content relevant to my own interests, and making the updating process as streamlined and easy as possible, I hope to minimise this as much as possible. Do be prepared for lots of regurgitation, as this also functions as quick-access reference for myself on the road.

Anyway, welcome and please note that the first section of posts will most likely be back-dated, as I move towards updating this blog to catch up with everything else.


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